A Community Health

Approach To Behavioral Wellness

Gateways is a police-assisted community health initiative committed to closing service gaps for individuals with mental and behavioral health disorders. We provide 24/7 on-scene response, screening, assessment, referral and wellness support to individuals and communities in need.


Resources you can count on

Gateways provides officers and municipalities with immediate, accessible expertise in mental and behavioral health intervention.

24/7 On-Scene Response

MH Referrals & Care Coordination

Single Point of Contact

Wellness Navigation & Support

Screening & Assessment Services

Follow-Up & Accountability Tracking

  • 24/7 On-Scene Response

  • Single Point of Contact

  • Screening & Assessment Services

  • MH Referrals & Care Coordination

  • Wellness Navigation & Support

  • Follow-Up & Accountability Tracking


In Need

Needs assessment data, insight from law enforcement officials, and feedback from public stakeholders support the integration of police-assisted community health services for the Lancaster County mental health disorder (MHD) population. Law enforcement officers often encounter individuals with MHD who would benefit from treatment, but lack access to sufficient screening, assessment, referral, treatment, case management, and peer support services.

By providing effective on-scene resources and mental health expertise, we proactively work to close service gaps for the MHD population and impact the rate of cases referred to behavioral health and psychiatric treatment following contact with law enforcement.

Partners In Community Health

“While there are county services that assist with people who are demonstrating a need for voluntary or involuntary commitment for a mental health evaluation, there really aren't any organizations in a position to assist police with issues that don't rise to that level. Lancaster County is in need of innovative solutions to improve access to care for individuals demonstrating a need for mental health care.”

Brian WiczkowskiWest Lampeter Township | Chief of Police

“Much of the talk about police reform today is centered around police officers not being trained to handle mental health crises, yet being the only resource available to respond. 24/7 availability of trained mental health responders will greatly increase the safety of citizens and police officers and give us a tool we haven't had before to address these critical issues.”

Ed CunninghamElizabethtown Borough | Chief of Police